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Dictionary attributes

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Dictionary attributes

Dictionary attributes alter the behavior of the table or element that the dictionary record describes. Administrators can add or modify dictionary attributes.

Adding an Attribute

To add an attribute to a table or field, navigate to the System Dictionary record for the Dictionary entry, and add the attribute to the Attributes field. Attributes are comma-separated; if attributes already exist on a dictionary record, add a comma, with no spaces, before adding a new attribute.

For an attribute that accepts true/false values:
  • To specify a value of true, you can either enter attribute or attribute=true.
  • To specify a value of false, you can either ensure that the attribute does not appear or enter attribute=false. To maintain values during upgrades, do not remove an attribute that is on a table by default.

Maintaining Attribute Values for Upgrades

If you remove an attribute that is part of the base system, it is automatically restored during an upgrade. To prevent upgrades from changing the desired behavior of your system, leave the attribute on the table or field, but set its value as desired.

For example, if a field has the attribute knowledge_search=true by default, do not remove the attribute to set it to false; rather set it to knowledge_search=false.