Resolve conflicts for an individual record

Reconcile differences between your customized record and the changes associated with the upgrade.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. From the Upgrade Details form for the record you are reconciling, click Resolve Conflicts.
    The system displays the Resolve Conflicts form, which highlights differences between the two versions of the record. The form displays information about the base system record on the left and the customized record on the right.
  2. Compare the base system with the customized record for each field on this form. For non-script fields, edit the customized record on the right-hand side to include what you want from the base system and the customization.
  3. If this record contains a script, check it for conflicts and resolve.
    1. Click inside the Script field.
      The system displays the Resolve Conflicts - Script form highlighting areas where the two versions of the script differ.
    2. Edit the right-hand side so that the script contains whichever content you want. To move a block of code from the left to right side, click the small arrows corresponding to that block in the middle column.
    3. Click OK.
      The system returns to the Resolve Conflicts form.
  4. To save your changes to the record, click Save Merge.
    The system sets the Resolution for this record to Reviewed and Merged.