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Discovery performance metrics

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Discovery performance metrics

Discovery metrics measure the performance of the probes and sensors in your instance as they collect information about CIs in the network.

Note: Functionality described here requires the Discovery plugin.

The available measurements to apply are count, maximum, mean, median, and minimum. All times in these graphs are measured in milliseconds.

Figure 1. Discovery performance metrics graphs
Probe run time, sensor queue time, and sensor run time Discovery graphs
  • Discovery Probe Run Time: Elapsed time, in milliseconds, that probes take to run. Use this chart to check the performance of your MID Server. Slow run times can indicate a resource problem on the MID Server machine.
  • Discovery Sensor Queue Time: Indicates how long a sensor task sits in the scheduler queue on the instance before it runs.
  • Discovery Sensor Run Time: Measures how long a sensor task takes to run after it is started.