ServiceNow servlet performance metrics

Each ServiceNow instance has a servlet, and you can monitor its performance.

Figure 1. Servlet performance metrics
Servlet performance metrics
  • Sessions: The session data graph can display existing sessions, including those sessions initiated by the MID Server and external integrations.
  • Session Wait Queue: Displays the number of transactions that are waiting on another transaction to finish because they share the HTTP session. Waiting sessions occur when a user submits a duplicate request before the prior request completes. Items on this list are suitable candidates for creating a transaction quota or for adding to the cancellation white list.
  • Transactions: Displays all transactions initiated by users, the MID Server, and external integrations.
  • Response Time: Displays the interval (in milliseconds) between the time the instance receives a transaction and the time the instance responds.
  • Java Memory: Records memory usage and indicates when the instance is running out of memory. The Java Memory graph is a useful problem indicator.
  • CPU Usage: Shows aggregated CPU usage for all the instances on the machine. This information is used by ServiceNow Technical Support to troubleshoot performance issues.
  • Scheduler: Displays all scheduler activity for the selected instance, including Discovery probes. You can determine the backlog of scheduled jobs in the queue for a particular time period. You can then compare that against the rate at which the jobs are being processed during the same period.