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Node performance metrics

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Node performance metrics

Node Metrics displays a set of baseline performance and throughput metrics for a particular application instance and/or cluster node.

Most customers are not running in a clustered configuration, but you still have node data because the system treats those instances as a cluster with only one node.

Customers who have multiple cluster nodes are able to view different metrics for each node on their cluster by changing the CI in the graph control.

Figure 1. Node performance metrics
Node performance metrics
  • Response Time: Displays in milliseconds the maximum, median, and minimum response time for database queries by the selected node.
  • Events Logged: Shows the mean number of the events queued and added to the event log in the selected time period.
  • Events Processed: Shows the mean number of the events processed during the selected time period.
  • Transactions: Displays the total number of database transactions per minute by the selected node.
  • Semaphore Use: Shows the number of semaphores in use by the selected node. Semaphores control the number of user transactions that can be run in parallel. The platform manages semaphores, and they require no customer administration. The semaphore graph is used only by ServiceNow Technical Support for troubleshooting.
  • DB Connection Use: View the maximum, median, and minimum number of database connections in use by the selected node.