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Linux statistics

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Linux statistics

The Linux Stats graph displays performance data for the server on which your ServiceNow instance is running.

These graphs are used as a tool to locate and resolve issues with your instance.
  • CPU Usage: The measurement of this graph indicates the percentage of the available CPUs that are running on this machine. This aggregated data indicates what portion of the machine's resources are being used at any given time. The most useful metric on this chart is the IOWait time measurement, which can indicate performance issues.
  • Load: The load on the Linux machine indicates the average sum of the number of processes waiting. It includes those processes executing over increments of 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes.
Figure 1. Linux Stats performance metrics
CPU usage, Linux memory, and load graphs

CPU usage metrics:

The following selections are available for CPU metrics.
  • Idle: No threads are running. This statistic indicates the percentage of the machine's CPUs that are idle.
  • IOWait: Indicates how long the CPU spends in a waiting state for disk or network I/O.
  • Nice: View threads with a modified (lower) scheduling priority that configures them to be run when time permits.
  • System: Displays the percentage of a single CPU that is being used to run system threads.
  • User: Displays threads initiated by the application (the instance and the database).