Out of box task fields

The table below lists out of box task fields.

Field Name Description
Number An identifying number for the task, which is used as the name of the task. Numbers are generated automatically when the task is created. Administrators can modify the number generation using number maintenance.
Priority A signal of how high a priority the task should be for the assignee. When viewed on the Record List, the priority field will be color coded by degree of priority.
State The status of the task, such as: Pending, Open, Work in Progress, Closed Complete, Closed Incomplete, and Closed Skipped.
Assigned To The user or user group responsible with fulfilling the task.
Escalation A signal of how long the task has been open. Usually, escalations are automatically configured using a Service Level Agreement. The longer the task is open, the more urgent the task is, moving from Normal to Moderate to High, and finally becoming Overdue. Like priority, this field is color coded in the list view.
Short Description A short description of the task.
Task Type A field which specifies the type of task, and adds a child class to extend the record.