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User specific language

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User specific language

The user has several choices for identifying the language to be used for the instance, as described here.

  • Language picker at login: If user-specific language is enabled, users see a choice list on the login page to select their language. To control display of the choice list on the login page, navigate to System Properties > UI Properties and use the property Show the language select box on the login page to allow the user to specify the language they would like to be logged in with.
  • Language picker in the welcome banner (UI15): When an internationalization plugin is enabled, users can select their language in the language picker in the welcome banner.
  • Language picker in the System Settings window (UI16): Users can select their language in the General tab of the System settings window. Access this window by clicking the gear icon on the right edge of the banner.
  • Language setting on the user table: If you have users that require a different language in addition to the global language, you can specify a language for them in User Administration > Users. If the Language field isn't already on the form, you can configure the form and add it.

The Language field in the User [sys_user] table overrides the default global language for that user's sessions.

Figure 1. User language
Note: Setting the language for the system guest user sets the language for both the login page and all users without a user role.