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Currency and price fields can be queried and reported.

Reports and aggregations always display values in the reference currency.

Default Reports

The ServiceNow system provides two reports that address service catalog spending:
  • This Year's Spending by Department: spending for the previous 12 months, broken down by month and department.
  • This Year's Spending by Location: spending for the previous 12 months, broken down by month and requester location.

To run these reports, navigate to Reports > View / Run and go to the Requested Item section.

Creating Custom Reports

When creating custom reports, consider:
  • Reports display currency values converted to the currency of the user running the report. A shared report displays in Euros when run by a German, but in US dollars when run by an American. Currency conversions do apply.
  • Scheduled reports generally run as the user who scheduled them. So a report scheduled by an American and emailed to three Europeans shows values in US dollars.

For more information, see Create or edit a report