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Language internationalization support

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Language internationalization support

The ServiceNow system supports multiple languages, using UTF-8 for international characters.

When a user logs in, the language for the instance session is determined by the following logic:

  1. If the language selection at login is enabled, that language is used.
  2. If not, the language preference selected using the language picker in the header bar is used.
  3. If not, the user's language setting in the User [sys_user] table is used.
  4. If none of the above are true, the system default language is used.

Some areas of the system are not translated, including journal fields, report titles, and any field that stores free-form text. These fields remain in the language used to create them.

When creating a custom field, you must add the labels in the Field Label table because they are not added automatically.

Table 1. FAQ
Question Answer
Will my custom fields be translated? When you create a field, it does not create a translated label. Labels for custom fields are created with a language of English (en). You can, however, translate the fields manually.
I am not seeing journal fields translated. User-defined string fields, such as short description, additional comments, and report titles are not translated. They appear in the language they were created in.