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Download an import template

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Download an import template

Select the list you want to import data to and create an import template from that list.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to any list, such as Self-Service > Incidents.
  2. Perform the appropriate action for the list version.
    List v2 Right-click the column heading and select Import
    List v3 Open the list title menu and select Import.
  3. Select if you want to Insert or Update records.
    Table 1. Import template
    Template Description
    Insert Use this template to add new records to a table.
    Update Use this template to change values within existing records in a table. This template contains one row for each record in the list. The current list filter determines what records the template contains.
  4. (Optional) Clear the Include all fields in the template? check box to include only columns that appear in the list in the template.
    Leave this check box selected to include all columns from the table in the template, even those columns that are hidden in the list.
  5. Click Create Excel template.

What to do next

Open the spreadsheet using your preferred application.
Note: Each template contains a Directions tab describing how to use the template.