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Import sets terminology

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Import sets terminology

A dictionary of key Import Set tems.

Table 1. Key terms
Term Definition
Import Set table A table that acts as a staging location for records imported from a data source prior to transforming those records. Fields on these tables are generated automatically based on imported data and should not be modified manually.
Data source A record that defines where to get the data to import. A data source may point to a file, a JDBC-compatible database, or an LDAP organizational unit.
Transformation The conversion of data from an import set table to another table according to the rules defined in a transform map.
Transform map

A set of field maps that define the relationships between fields in an import set and fields on a table, such as Incident.

During transformation, data is copied from the Import Set table to the destination table based on the transform map.

A single import set field may be mapped to multiple fields on other tables.

Foreign record insert

A foreign record insert occurs when an import makes a change to a table that is not the target table for that import.

This happens when updating a reference field on a table. For example when updating a value for the caller on an incident the import is actually updating the sys_user table.