Easy import properties

Several properties control the behavior of easy import.

Table 1.
Property Description
glide.import_template.row_limit Controls the maximum number of rows included in an easy import template. By default, if a table contains more than 10,000 records, only the first 10,000 are exported.
glide.easy_import.run_business_rules When true, business rules, workflows, approval engines, auditing, and field normalization apply when easy import inserts or updates data. This functionality is equivalent to setting GlideRecord.setWorkflow() to true or false.
glide.import_template.field_types_to_ignore A list of fields that will be ignored when a record is imported with easy import feature.
  • Type: String
  • Default value: table_name, order_index, collection, user_image, video, timer, translated_field, conditions, field_name, sys_class_name, journal, journal_input, due_date, user_input, image, workflow, template_value, domain_id, documentation_field, user_roles, glide_list
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