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Updating records using coalesce

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Updating records using coalesce

The coalesce option allows you to update existing target table records when transforming import data.

The coalesce option on a field map allows you to specify if the selected Target field should be used to coalesce on when import set records are transformed. If the field map Coalesce checkbox is selected, when the import set row is transformed the instance checks for an existing record in the target table that has the same value in the Target field as the import set row Source field.

If an existing record with a matching value in the target table is found, that record is updated. If no matching record is found, then a new record is created in the target table.
Note: Choose fields in the target table to coalesce on only if those fields will have unique values. If more than one record in the target table matches the specified coalesce options, only the first matching record in the target table is updated.