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Restrict file extensions

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Restrict file extensions

The glide.attachment.extensions property restricts the file extensions that users can upload as attachments.

About this task

Use this property to improve security by preventing users from uploading harmful files, such as viruses, as attachments. Additionally, this capability can prevent the use of incompatible filetypes. For example, Internet Explorer does not support icons in .png format. Note that this property does not restrict files based on the actual file type, but only based on the extension.


  1. Navigate to System Properties > Security.
  2. In the Attachment limits and behavior section, locate the List of file extensions (comma-separated) that can be attached to documents via the attachment dialog property.
  3. Enter the file extensions and click Save.
    If no extensions are specified, then all extensions are allowed. However, if any extensions are specified, all unlisted extensions are restricted. Listed extensions should not include the dot (.) prefix or spaces after commas. For example, enter xls,xlsx,doc,docx.