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Add a new section

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Add a new section

Move sections to and from the form layout to display or remove the sections on the form.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_form

About this task

Sections can have a one- or two-column layout.
Note: By default, the first section on a form is always a read-only section displaying the label of the table. You cannot remove this section.


  1. Navigate to the form designer.
  2. Select an existing section.
  3. Click the (+) button beside the section label to add a section.
  4. Enter a label for the section.
  5. Drag sections to reorder them.
    Note: The label for the first section on the form designer is displayed as the form title.
  6. To delete a section, click the (x) button beside the section label.
  7. Click Save.