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Tabbed forms

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Tabbed forms

Tabbed forms offer a useful way to make forms and related lists take up less space by reducing the scrolling that must be done to navigate the form.

Figure 1. Tabbed forms
Change request with tabbed forms

Form sections and related lists are tabbed separately, each with their own tab line. A user always sees the first form section. All sections after that can be tabbed. Tabs are enabled by default for new instances.

Display tabbed forms

Users can enable tabbed forms in their user preferences.

About this task

Tabbed forms are enabled by default for new instances. A system user preference with the name tabbed.forms specifies whether the tabbed UI is used by default for all users. Users can change this preference as described in this procedure.


  1. Click the gear icon in the banner frame.
  2. Perform the appropriate action for your version of the UI:
    UI16 Select the Forms tab and enable Tabbed forms.
    UI15 Enable Tabbed forms.
    UI11 Click the tabs toggle icon, which appears on any form with more than two sections and on any form with more than one related list.
    In UI16 and UI15, an option is enabled when the switch appears green and is toggled to the right.