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Modify form focus

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Modify form focus

By default, forms set focus on the first writable field on the form. An administrator can change that functionality to focus on other fields in the form.

Modify form focus using a client script

Modify the form focus with onLoad() client script on the form.
function onLoad ( ) {
setTimeout ( "var refocus = g_form.getElement('table_name.field_name');refocus.focus();" , 0 ) ; }
Based on the nature of the field you are targeting, replace table_name.field_name with the appropriate value:
  • For non-reference fields, enter the name of the field to focus on (for example, incident.caller_id).
  • For reference fields, use the format sys_display.table_name.field_name (for example, sys_display.incident.caller_id).

Disable form focus

Disable form focus by setting the property glide.ui.focus_first_element to false. To do so, navigate to System Properties > UI Properties and deselect the On form load, focus on first writable element check box.