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Specify a default field value

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Specify a default field value

A default value populates a value in a field when a new record is created.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

The default value populates the field on the blank form for a new record, and also subsequently when the new record is submitted if the field is empty. Default values can be specified as either a constant or generated through script.


  1. Right-click the field's label in the form and select Configure Dictionary.
  2. Enter the default value in the Default value field.
    To set a constant value, type it into the Default value text box field. To assign a default value using a more complex formula, use JavaScript to output a default value.
    Note: The default value should be the underlying value that would be present in the field, not the label. For example, in a choice list field, use the value of the choice as the default value, not the choice's name.

Default field value examples

Review the following examples about specifying default field values.

Example: Constant default values

Here is an example that sets a default value for the Priority field.
Figure 1. Default value constant

Example: Javascript default values

To view out-of-box examples of JavaScript default values, navigate to System Definition > Dictionary and enter this filter: [Default value] [starts with] [javascript]. Open some of the records and view the default value javascript entries.

Example: Set a default value for assignment_group

The following example sets a default value in a [sys_user_group] reference field by getting the ID from the name of a group.
javascript:GetIDValue('sys_user_group', 'Development');

Example: Set a default value for assigned_to if user has the itil role

This example for the Task [task] table describes how to configure the default value for the [assigned_to] user equal to the current user id if the user has a role of itil.
  • Column label: Assigned to
  • Column name: [assigned_to]
  • Reference Specification section
    • Reference: User [sys_user]
    • Reference qual condition: [Roles] [is] [itil]
  • Default value script:
    javascript:if (gs.hasRole("itil"))current.assigned_to = gs.getUserID();

Example: Set a default value for a duration field

To set a default value for a duration field, use the following in the Default value field of the duration field's dictionary entry:
javascript:current.duration_field.setDisplayValue('3 04:30:14');

Avoid hard-coding a particular date-time. If the system date-time format changes, the value becomes invalid. Instead, select the Use dynamic default check box and assign a dynamic filter option. For more information on dynamic filters, see Create a dynamic filter option .