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Select a transform type

Select a transform type

Selecting a transform type is the second step in transforming a field.

  1. In the Transformation record, select the Transforms Related List.
  2. Click New.

    A selection list of transform types appears, displaying only those transformations appropriate for the field type selected.

    Figure 1. Transform types
    Transform types
  3. Select a transform type and provide the appropriate parameters.
  4. Select an Order number for this transform.
    Note: The conditions for the transforms are executed according to the order numbers assigned.
  5. Select the Final check box to stop processing with this transform if the condition evaluates to true.
  6. Select the Case sensitive check box to force case sensitivity in the condition statement.
  7. To create a condition that uses regular expressions or pattern matching, select the correct operator.
    regular expressions matches regex
    pattern matching matches pattern

    The following transform example replaces the INC at the beginning of an incident number with the string ENG if the assignment group is ITSM Engineering.

    Figure 2. Transformation record
  8. Click Submit.

    The new Transform appears in the Related List of the Transformation record.

    Figure 3. Transformation record Related List
    Transformation record Related List

    When the Transform is created, a Transformation application data job is also created. This data job applies this transform to appropriate records in the entire database and should not be run until testing is complete.

    Figure 4. Transformation application data job
    Transformation application data job