Enable dynamic creation for reference fields

When dynamic creation is enabled, entering a nonexistent value in a reference field creates a new record on the referenced table instead of returning an error.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

By default, a user must enter a value in a reference field that matches an existing record in the table that the reference field refers to. For example, the Caller field in an Incident must have a value that is an existing user. You can enable dynamic creation to create a new record on the referenced table when a user enter a nonexistent value in a reference field instead of returning an error.


  1. Right-click the field label in the form and select Configure Dictionary.
  2. Populate the following fields (you may need to configure the Dictionary form):
    • dynamic_creation: Select the check box.
    • dynamic_creation_script: Enter a script that dynamically creates the record.
  3. Click Update.

    You could use the following dynamic_creation_script to create a record on the referenced table.

    current.name = value;

    You could create a script include named MyUserReferenceCreator with the following contents:

    var MyUserReferenceCreator = Class.create();
    MyUserReferenceCreator.prototype = {
        initialize: function() {
        create: function(current, value) {
            return current.insert();
        type: 'MyUserReferenceCreator'

    When the script include is created, the following dynamic_creation_script generates a new location for an invalid reference field value:

    new MyUserReferenceCreator().create(current, value);