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Convert a UI policy to a data policy

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Convert a UI policy to a data policy

An administrator can convert a UI policy to a data policy.

About this task

Existing UI policies can be converted to data policies. This enables you to take a policy that currently applies only to records created or updated in the browser and extend the policy to apply to import sets and data imported by SOAP web services, or to apply by default.

For a UI policy to be eligible for conversion to a data policy, the following three conditions on the UI Policy form must be met:
  • The Run scripts option must not be selected
  • The Global option must be selected
  • None of the UI policy actions can have Visible set to True or set to False (it must be set to Leave Alone)

Note that converting a UI policy to a data policy deactivates the UI policy. To retain the policy in the UI, ensure that the Use as UI Policy on client checkbox is selected on the data policy record.


  1. Navigate to System UI > UI Policies and click an existing UI policy.
  2. Under Related Links, click Convert this to Data Policy.

    A new data policy record is created.

    UI policy convert to data policy
  3. Edit the fields on the data policy record as necessary.