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Configure the pop-up delay for a reference icon

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Configure the pop-up delay for a reference icon

When you point to the reference icon in a form or a v2 list, the reference pop-up appears after a configurable period of time.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The default delay is 100 milliseconds (ms). You can configure a different value.
Note: The following procedure does not apply to reference icons in List v3. In v3 lists, reference pop-ups appear only when you click the reference icon.


  1. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties.
  2. Modify the property called Record popup delay (milliseconds): (glide.ui.popup.delay).
    The property controls when the request for the pop-up is made; the actual display time depends on the browser.
    Note: Setting the value extremely low can lead to unwanted pop-ups being requested from the server. Additionally, a low setting can make it difficult to drill through the reference icon because the icon is not clickable until the pop-up appears. Conversely, an extremely high setting makes the pop-ups somewhat sluggish.
  3. Click Save.