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If the custom data lookup definition rules are not behaving as expected, check for certain conditions.

  • Verify that the data lookup definition is set to run on the appropriate events.
  • Verify that the matcher field is not read-only. Since users cannot change read-only fields, user interactions cannot trigger an on form change event for read-only fields.
  • Verify a client script is not changing a field value. Client scripts can trigger Run on form change events even on read-only fields.
  • Verify that the data in the matcher table is correct.
  • If the lookup requires an exact match, verify that there is a matcher table row for each possible combination (including blank values). The lookup fails if cannot find a matching value.
  • Verify that you have not created a recursive rule, such as:

    If Field A = 1, then Field B =2. If Field B = 2, then Field A = 2