URL query parameters

ServiceNow provides certain URL query parameters.

ServiceNow provides the following URL query parameters:

Table 1. URL query parameters
URL Parameter URL Syntax Description
sysparm_query sysparm_query=[column name][operator][value]

Displays a list of records that match the query. For example:

https://<instance name>.service-now.com/incident_list.do?XML&sysparm_query=priority=1

sysparm_orderby sysparm_orderby=[column name]

Sorts a list of records by the column name provided. For example:

https://<instance name>.service-now.com/incident_list.do?XML&sysparm_query=priority=1&sysparm_orderby=assigned_to

You can sort by only one column using sysparm_orderby. To sort by multiple columns, use sysparm_query=ORDERBY[column name]^ORDERBY[column name]. For example: sysparm_query=ORDERBYassigned_to^ORDERBYpriority.