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Export limits

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Export limits

The platform provides a default upper limit for data exports.

The purpose of the upper limit is to avoid creating performance issues when a table is excessively large. If you need to export more records than the threshold permits, Break up a large export into separate manageable chunks.

In addition to the format-specific limits, you may need to set com.glide.processors.XMLProcessor.max_record_count to match the upper limit set by the format-specific limit.

Export limit properties

You can set the number of records to return during an export using the sysparm_record_count URL parameter.

However, the system analyzes the following settings to determine whether an export limit should be applied.
  1. First, the platform checks the property that defines the format-specific export limit (see table below). Each format can have a different limit. Although this property can be set to any value, exceeding the default export limit can impact system performance. You may want to set the property at or below the default limit and have users Break up a large export to export large amounts of data.
  2. If the format-specific property is not set, the system checks the property for the general export limit (see table below). This property can also be set to any value, but exceeding the default export limit can impact system performance.
  3. If neither the format-specific export limit nor the general export limit property is set, the system enforces the default export limit (see table below).
Note: These properties are not defined by default. You must Add system properties to assign a value to it.
Table 1. Default export limit
Format Format-specific export limit General export limit Default export limit
XML glide.xml.export.limit glide.ui.export.limit 10,000
CSV glide.csv.export.limit glide.ui.export.limit 10,000
EXCEL (XLSX) glide.xlsx.export.limit glide.ui.export.limit 10,000
EXCEL (XLS) glide.excel.export.limit glide.ui.export.limit 50,000
EXCEL (XLSX) glide.xlsx.max_cells N/A 500,000
EXCEL (XLS) glide.excel.max_cells N/A 500,000
PDF glide.pdf.max_rows
Note: The number of rows can be set from 0 to 5,000. If no value is specified, the default is 1,000. If a value greater than 5,000 is specified, the default value of 1,000 is used.
N/A 1,000
PDF glide.pdf.max_columns
Note: Although the number of columns can be set higher than 25, this is not advisable, since only 25 header labels fit on a page.
N/A 25

A warning threshold property called glide.ui.export.warn.threshold controls how the records are exported. If a user attempts to export a number of records from Export list data that exceeds the warning threshold, a dialog box offers the choice of waiting for the export to complete or having the exported records emailed as an attachment. The warning threshold can be changed in the system property. The email attachment must not exceed the maximum allowed Email size limits.

Table 2. Export limit examples
Example Property Table Note
Exporting to CSV
  • glide.csv.export.limit = 20,000
  • glide.ui.export.limit = 10,000
  • com.glide.processors.XMLProcessor.max_record_count = 20,000
  • Default export limit for CSV = 10,000
Table 3. Exporting to CSV
Records to be Exported Records Returned
15,000 15,000
30,000 20,000
In the second export, the number of records returned from the database is limited because the number of records specified for export exceeds the value set in the glide.csv.export.limit property.
Exporting to Excel (XLSX)
  • glide.xlsx.export.limit = no entry
  • glide.ui.export.limit = no entry
  • Default export limit for Excel (XLSX) = 10,000
Table 4. Exporting to Excel
Records to be Exported Records Returned
10,000 10,000
30,000 10,000
In the second export, the number of records returned from the database is limited because the number of records specified for export exceeds the default export limit for Excel, 10,000 records.
Exporting to PDF
  • glide.pdf.max_rows = 1,000
  • Default export limit for PDF = 1,000
  • Maximum export limit for PDF = 5,000
Table 5. Exporting to PDF
Records to be Exported Records Returned
1,000 1,000
5,000 1,000
In the first export, all records are returned because the number of records specified for export does not exceed the glide.pdf.max_rows property.

In the second export, the number of records returned is limited because the number of records specified for export exceeds the value in the glide.pdf.max_rows property.

Excel export threshold

Excel exports are intended for relatively small exports, fewer than 500,000 cells, while CSV can handle larger exports.

Whenever you export to Excel and the resultant spreadsheet has more than 500,000 cells (by default), the export process stops and you are given the Excel file at that point. In the bottom row, there will be the following message: Export stopped due to excessive size. Use CSV for a complete export:
Figure 1. Excel export threshold
Excel export threshold
The Excel export cell threshold is customizable using the glide.xlsx.max_cells integer property (or glide.excel.max_cells if using XLS).
Note: Increasing this threshold may cause a memory issue in your instance. The threshold is set at an appropriate level to prevent resource issues.

The export will put the information into the Excel document with 32,000 rows per spreadsheet.