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Encryption support

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Encryption support

Encryption is a process that scrambles information into a format that unauthorized parties cannot decode or use.

Users who have access to the encryption context can see data encrypted with that particular encryption context. The encryption process requires an administrator to grant an encryption context to users by granting the user an associated role.
Note: Impersonation does not change the encryption contexts available to a user. Even while impersonating, you have only the encryption contexts available to you originally.

After encryption:

  • Encrypted text fields and attachments are no longer accessible by database tools and cannot be indexed.
  • Encrypted text fields cannot be added to a filter.
  • Encrypted text fields cannot be used to sort lists.

You can encrypt all String fields, including fields provided by default in the system and new fields that you create in the dictionary.

Users with the admin role can activate the Encryption Support plugin.