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ACL rule output messages

ACL rule output messages

ACL debugging displays ACL rule output messages at the bottom of each list and form.

The output message displays the following:
  • Context information.
  • The results of each type of ACL test.
  • Hyperlinks to the ACLs that run on the list or form.

ACL messages

Each message displays the following information:

Table 1. Message information
Message element Description
TIME The total time used to process this ACL rule.
PATH Information that uniquely identifies each ACL rule in the format: <ACL rule type>/<ACL rule name>/<Operation>.
CONTEXT The object being evaluated by the ACL rule.
RC The return code of the ACL rule. A true value passes the ACL rule. A false value fails the ACL rule.
RULE A brief summary of processors and scripts, followed by ACL results for each table-level and field-level ACL evaluation. Most ACL evaluations show an overall pass or fail result followed by a breakdown of the results for each type of ACL criteria:
  • Roles: Verification that the user has the correct role.
  • Condition: Verification that the user passed the condition specified on the ACL rule (if any).
  • Script: Verification that the user passed the script specified on the ACL rule (if any).

ACL icons

The icons that appear show how the ACL was evaluated:

Table 2. Evaluation icons
Icon Description
A green checkmark (Green checkmark‎) Indicates the table or field passed the criteria.
A red x icon (Red x icon) Indicates the table or field did not pass.
An empty gray circle icon (Grey circle icon‎) Indicates the ACL evaluation did not need to be performed.
A blue checkmark, x, or empty circle Indicates that the ACL was taken from a cached result of a previous ACL check. The icons mean the same as the above.

Using ACL debug messages

You can perform these actions on the ACL debug output:
  • Select or clear these check boxes at the top of the debug output:
    • Security rules: Show or hide the results of the ACL checks.
    • Others: Show or hide other warnings or messages.
  • Click the name of the ACL next to any of the output messages to open that ACL record.
    Figure 1. Click the ACL link
    Click the ACL link
  • Hover the cursor over any of the icons for the four ACL checks to see more information.
    Figure 2. Hover over an ACL icon
    Hover over an ACL icon