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Impersonate users to debug ACLs

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Impersonate users to debug ACLs

Impersonation can simplify debugging ACL rules.

After enabling ACL debugging, you can impersonate another user to see what ACL rules the user passes and fails. When you impersonate a user, you can only see what that user is allowed to see. For example, you cannot view a record that an ACL prevents the user from seeing.

To make debugging easier, read-only access to certain ACL-related tables is enabled by default, even when impersonating a user that does not have read access to the tables. To change this functionality, set the following property to false.
System property Description Default setting Allows read access to the following tables while impersonating a user: sys_security_acl, sys_security_operation, sys_security_type, and sys_user_role. As a result, the impersonating user can read data that the impersonated user cannot read. true
Note: When the property is set to false, the impersonated user might be prevented from reading ACL-related data. In this case, a second session logged in as admin or security_admin might be required to debug ACLs.