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View a real-time domain message

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View a real-time domain message

You can view real-time domain messages from the system logs.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Enable verbose domain logging.
  2. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Session Debug > Enable All. Because this is a real time review, there is no need to let the debug session run for a time before checking the log files.
  3. Navigate to System Logs > System Log > All.
  4. Search for the text Query against table.

    This query finds log messages in this format:

    08:36:43.974: [Domain Spool] Query against table incident restricted by domain values [Database Atlanta[db53580b0a0a0a6501aa37c294a2ba6b], 
    Database San Diego[db53a9290a0a0a650091abebccf833c6], global, NY DB[5f74727dc0a8010e01efe33a251993f9]]

    In this example, the user viewing the Incident table only saw records that matched the Database Atlanta, Database, Database San Diego, global, and NY DB domains.