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Domain query methods

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Domain query methods

A domain query method allows the instance to efficiently query large numbers of domains.

Note: Domain paths are used for all customers on Helsinki and later. Domain numbering is no longer used. ServiceNow support can assist in the upgrade.

Part of Domain Support 2.0 is a new query engine designed to perform and scale to tens of thousands of domains. Prior methods, including domain numbering, have had limitations that domain paths resolves. While you have the flexibility to continue using your existing query method, we highly recommend that you switch to domain paths through the new Domain Configuration screen at your earliest convenience.

A domain path is a series of three-character codes separated by a slash (/) delimiter that uniquely identifies a domain. Each digit in the three-character code consists of one of the following 60 possible characters:


The three-character codes that make up a path are not unique across a domain tree. Rather, the entire path string itself is unique. For example:

Figure 1. An example domain tree
Table 1. Domain tree example
Domain name Parent domain Domain path
SNC None !!!/
SNC/US SNC !!!/!!!/
SNC/EU SNC !!!/!!#/
SND/RU SNC !!!/!!$/
SNC/US/NY SNC/US !!!/!!!/!!#/
SNC/US/CA SNC/US !!!/!!!/!!$/
SNC/EU/DE SNC/EU !!!/!!#/!!!/
SNC/EU/FR SNC/EU !!!/!!#/!!#/
Note: With three-character codes delimited by a single character in a path string of 255 total characters, each node of the domain tree supports up to 216,000 child domains, and the maximum depth of the tree is 63 levels.