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Schedule a report

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Schedule a report

Schedule a report to automate its distribution. Scheduled reports can be sent as PDF, CSV, or XLS format.

About this task

To create scheduled reports, users must have both the itil role and either the report_admin or report_scheduler role.

Note: It is not possible to schedule Calendar, Map, Pivot Table, and Single Score reports.


  1. Navigate to Reports > View / Run.
  2. Select a report to be scheduled for distribution.
  3. Click the arrow next to the Save button to open the Report Options menu and select Schedule.
  4. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Name Name of the scheduled report. The default name is based on the name of the underlying report.
    Report The report to schedule. This field is filled in by default.

    To send a report as a URL instead of as an image, clear this field and include the report URL in the Introductory Message field.


    Users who should receive the report.

    To receive reports, users must have an Email address defined and have Notifications set to Enable in their user records.

    Groups Groups that should receive the report.
    Email addresses Email addresses of users who should receive the report but who are not in the system.
    Active Check box that enables (selected) or disables (cleared) scheduling for the report.
    Run Frequency for generating the report.
    Time Time of day to generate the report.
    Conditional Check box that shows (selected) or hides (cleared) the Condition field, which enables you to specify conditions under which the report is generated.
    Omit if no records Check box that prevents (selected) or enables (cleared) the distribution of empty reports.

    User-created script that checks for certain conditions to be true before generating reports.

    This field is visible only when Conditional is selected.

    Subject Text that appears in the subject line of the distribution email.
    Introductory message Additional message that is delivered with the report.

    Report output type. Graphical reports are sent as PNG or PDF files, and list reports are sent as PDF files. When scheduling a graphical report to be emailed, select output type PDF or PDF-landscape to include the chart grid data. When scheduling a data report, select output type Excel (XLS) or CSV.

    All reports are generated with the Highcharts charting engine, giving them a consistent look.

    Zip output Check box for indicating that the report is to be sent as a zip file.
    Include with Additional scheduled report to send.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. (Optional) Use the Included in Email related list to create additional scheduled reports.

    Each report you add to the Included in Email related list must have its own schedule. Individual schedules enable you to send different reports to one or more of the recipients of the previously identified reports, each with its own schedule.

    To unschedule a report:
    1. Navigate to Reports > Scheduled reports.
    2. Select the entry.
    3. Choose Delete from Actions on selected rows.
    This action only deletes the schedule of the report, not the report itself.