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Change highlighting of calendar report events

Change highlighting of calendar report events

Field styles control the highlighting of events in calendar reports. Manage field styles to change how highlighting works.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Field styles for the table that a calendar is based on, including extended tables such as CMDB, can be applied to a calendar. The field styles that are applied for calendar highlighting depend on the setting of the system property. See Override Task table field styles for highlighting calendar events for more information.

You can change only the background color of calendar events. All other CSS styles are ignored. Events without a defined field style display a white background when highlighting is applied to a calendar report.


Define field stylesDefine field styles for the appropriate table.
  • To define field styles for all calendar reports, define the style on the Task [task] table.
  • To define field styles that apply only to calendars that are a based off a specific table or report source, define the field styles on that table.
If calendar reports are configured to use field styles from their tables or report sources, these field styles override the Task [task] table styles.