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Add in-form analytics to a form

Add in-form analytics to a form

Create a new UI action that allows users to access contextual in-form analytics.

Before you begin

Before adding in-form analytics for a specific table and field, there must be a breakdown dashboard that uses that table and field as a breakdown source.

Performance Analytics Premium must be active to create new in-form analytics.

Role required: pa_power_user, pa_admin, or admin. In addition to the Performance Analytics roles, you must be able to create records on the UI Actions [sys_ui_action] table.


Navigate to Performance Analytics > In-Form Analytics and create a new record (see table for field descriptions).
Table 1. In-form analytics fields
Field Description
Name A descriptive name for the UI action.
Table The table to display analytics for. The in-page icon appears on forms for this table.
Field The field that the in-page icon appears next to. The analytics are broken down based on the value of this field.
Dashboard The breakdown dashboard to display. The dashboard must use the selected Table and Field as a breakdown source.
Icon The icon to display next to the selected field on the form.
Icon color The color of the form icon.
Create in-form link Display a related link on the form in addition to the icon when this check box is selected. The related link directs to the same dashboard as the icon.