Performance Analytics and Reporting

Use Performance Analytics and Reporting to visualize data from your instance to better understand your processes and drive continual improvement.

  • Performance Analytics enables you to track and aggregate data over time, such as to measure how many tickets are resolved each week per assignment group. Performance Analytics is enabled for the Incident table by default. To track data for other tables and applications you must license Performance Analytics Premium.
  • Reporting enables you to create and distribute reports that show the current state of instance data, such as how many open incidents of each priority there are. Reporting functionality is available by default for all tables.
  • Dashboards enable you to display multiple Performance Analytics, reporting, and other widgets on a single screen. Use dashboards to create a story with data that can be shared with multiple users. To create and edit dashboards you must license Performance Analytics Premium.
Tip: Bookmark the links below to the Performance Analytics, Reporting, and Dashboards landing pages so you can quickly navigate to all needed resources for these applications.