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Actual and business elapsed times

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Actual and business elapsed times

Task SLA records contain two sets of timing information: Actual elapsed and Business elapsed.

The difference between these two sets of timing is vital when you create and report on SLA definitions.

  • Actual elapsed values are calculated on a 24x7 basis.
  • Business elapsed values are calculated based on the schedule specified in the task SLA. The schedule is taken from the SLA definition by default.
    Note: If no schedule is specified, then the Business elapsed time is the same as the Actual elapsed time. This can be disabled by changing the com.snc.sla.always_populate_business_fields property to false in the SLA Engine. When this property is set to false, the Business fields will be 0 or empty.
By default, the related list for the task SLA record displays the actual elapsed time only. You can configure the list to also display the business elapsed time.

Elapsed times and schedules

Consider a scenario where an SLA has a defined schedule of 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. With this schedule, the difference between actual and business elapsed times can be significant.

For example, if a task SLA starts at 2 pm on a weekday, its business elapsed time at 9 am on the next weekday is 3 hours while its actual elapsed time is 19 hours.

Figure 1. Business elapsed time vs actual elapsed time

In addition, if a schedule defines an 8 hour working day, then 24 hours or one day in business elapsed time equates to 3 days in actual elapsed time.

Figure 2. Example: Business and actual elapsed times - 24 X 7


For example, an incident is opened on Friday, December 12 at 9 pm, outside of the SLA schedule of 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

If the current time is the following Monday at 9:30 am, then:
  • Business elapsed time is 1 hour and 30 minutes because the SLA business timer stopped at 5 pm on Friday and restarted at 8 am on Monday.
  • Actual elapsed time is 60 hours and 30 minutes, representing the real time between the incident being opened and the current time.
Elapsed percentages are also similarly calculated. The actual elapsed percentage is over 750% while the business elapsed percentage is 19% on an 8 hour SLA.