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Refine search results

Refine search results

Service catalog enables you to use properties in order to refine search results.

About this task

The auto-completion feature returns values that contain an exact match to the letter combination entered.

Figure 1. Catalog auto complete 1

Administrators can use the Additional columns for the "request for" Service Catalog widget (glide.sc_request_for.columns) property to add columns to this list, to further refine the search results, and help determine which user to select when two users have the same name.

In this example, the property is set to display two additional columns, Department and Title:

Figure 2. Catalog auto complete 2

Administrators can use the Ordering of matches for the "request for" Service Catalog widget. ( property to configure the columns to sort by one of the values.

In this example, the is set to sort the results list by department.

Figure 3. Catalog auto complete 7

Auto-completion also applies to the Request for field, which can be added to the service catalog homepage.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog.
  2. Click Add Categories.
  3. Select Request for.
  4. Place the category on the page.
    Figure 4. Catalog auto complete 4