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Create a catalog item

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Create a catalog item

Service catalog enables you to define individual catalog items.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Maintain Items.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the catalog item details (see table).
  4. Click Submit.
  5. (Optional) Assign the item to additional catalogs and categories.
  6. Define variables for the item, if applicable.

What to do next

Field Description
Name Enter the item name to appear in the catalog.
Catalogs Select the catalogs this item appears in.
Category Select a category for the item. Categories can only be selected after the Catalogs field is populated. Catalog searches find only items that are assigned to a category.
Model [Read-only] Click the reference icon to view the product model to which the item is linked. This field is visible by default only for items created by publishing models.
Workflow or Execution Plan Select either a workflow or an execution plan (formerly named delivery plan) to define how the item request is fulfilled. If you select a workflow, the Execution Plan field is hidden. Clear the Workflow field to select an execution plan.
Price Set a price for the item and select the currency from the choice list.
Recurring Price Set a price that occurs repeatedly at a regular interval. For example, a printer maintenance service may have a $100.00 monthly recurring price.
Recurring Price Frequency Select the time frame for recurrence, such as Monthly or Annually, only only if the Recurring Price field has an entry.
Omit Price in Cart Select this check box to hide the item price in the cart and the catalog listing.
Active Select this check box to make this item active (available to be ordered).
Icon Upload a 16x16 pixel image to appear as an icon beside the item name in the catalog. If no image is uploaded, the default icon appears beside this item. To use your own default icon, upload an image. The uploaded image overwrites the default image stored in images/service_catalog/generic_small.gif.
Preview Link Click Preview Item to preview in a new window how the current item definition would look in the catalog.
Short Description Enter text that appears on the service catalog homepage, search results, and the title bar of the order form.
Ordered Item Link Specify the record defining a link to preview, as shown on the ordered item screen.
Description A full description of the item. This description appears in the catalog when a user selects the item or clicks the associated Preview link.
Picture [Optional] Upload an image of the item.
Availability Define which devices display the item : Desktop and Mobile, Desktop Only, or Mobile Only.
Note: Unsupported catalog item types are not displayed on mobile devices, even if Availability is set to show an item of this type.
Mobile Picture Type Define the type of picture to display for the item on mobile devices. Set to o Desktop to use the standard desktop picture, Mobile to use a specific image for the mobile device using the Mobile picture field, or None to not use a picture.
Mobile Picture Appears if Mobile picture type is set to Mobile. Select the image file to upload for the mobile picture.
Hide Price(mobile listings) Select this check box to hide the item price on mobile devices. Clear the check box to display the price.
Fields that can be added by configuring the form
Template Select a template to populate the generated record with predefined values. This is available for Record Producer items only.
No Quantity Select this check box to hide the quantity selector for the item.
No Cart Select this check box to hide the shopping cart for the item.
No search Select this check box to prevent this item being listed in search results.
Order Control the ordering of items in category lists.
Related Links
Item Diagnostic Generates a report and score to identify possible issues within the Service Catalog data and configuration.
Related Lists
Variables Define variables for the item to provide options for ordering the item.
Variable Sets Link an existing variable set to the item to provide multiple options for ordering the item.
Approved By Group Add the groups that must approve requests for this item.
Approved By Add the users who must approve requests for this item.
Categories Add any additional categories associated with this item.
Catalogs Add any additional catalogs associated with this item.
Catalog UI Policies Add any catalog UI policies associated with this item
Catalog Client Scripts Add any catalog client scripts associated with this item.