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Content items

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Content items

A content item is a service catalog item that provides information instead of goods or services.

About this task

Content items may reference knowledge articles, static blocks of text, or external web-based content.

To define content items:


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Content Items.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the form to define the item.
    Figure 1. Content Item form
  4. Click Submit.


Table 1. Content Item form
Field Description
Name, Category, Icon, Roles, Active, As for standard catalog items.
Content type The type of information to display when a user selects the item.
  • KB Article: a ServiceNow knowledge article available to users with the specified roles.
  • Catalog Content: a static block of text, formatted with HTML.
  • External Content: documents or web pages stored outside the ServiceNowITSA Suite instance.
Target Location where the content appears.
  • Within Catalog: displays the content within the catalog iframe window (which may not render some external websites properly).
  • New Window/Tab: displays the content in a new browser window or tab. Choose this option if the content does not display properly within the catalog.
URL The full URL (including the prefix http:// or https://) for external content to display when a user selects the item. This field is available only if the Content type is External Content.
Note: Since ServiceNowITSA Suite instances are accessed via HTTPS, links to HTTP sites may result in a mixed mode content error or warning, depending on browser security settings.
KB article The knowledge article to display when a user selects the item. This field is available only if the Content type is KB Article.
Short description, Description, Picture As for standard catalog items. These fields are only available if the Content type is Catalog Content.