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Data structure differences

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Data structure differences

There are significant data structure differences between entitlements and user criteria, which you must be aware of while migrating.

Using entitlements, the following tables are loaded into memory and evaluated before rendering.

For catalog items:

Figure 1. Entitlements Data Structure - Catalog Items

For categories:

Figure 2. Entitlements Data Structure - Categories

The user criteria architecture collects all user attributes in the User Criteria [user_criteria] table.

User criteria records can link to items and categories, as follows.

For catalog items:
  • Catalog Item Available for [sc_cat_item_user_criteria_mtom]
  • Catalog Item Not Available for [sc_cat_item_user_criteria_no_mtom]
Figure 3. User Criteria Data Structure - Catalog Items
For categories:
  • Category Available for [sc_category_user_criteria_mtom]
  • Category Not Available for [sc_category_user_criteria_no_mtom]
Figure 4. User Criteria Data Structure - Categories