Script includes installed with catalog item designer

The catalog item designer adds the following script includes.

Note: Many of the business rules link to these script includes.
Name Description
sc_ic_Section Wrapper class for item designer question layout sections.
sc_ic_Factory Entry point for all customization of the service catalog item designer script.
sc_ic_ColumnSecurityManager Security manager for the sc_ic_column table.
sc_ic_QuestionSecurityManager Security manager for the sc_ic_question table.
sc_ic_CatalogItemRecordProducer Wrapper class for sc_cat_item_producer for the item creator.
sc_ic_Base Base class for all item designer wrapper classes.
sc_ic_QuestionClass Wrapper class for the Question class table (sc_ic_question_class).
sc_ic_TaskDefnStagingSecurityManager Security manager for the sc_ic_task_defn_staging table.
sc_ic_SectionSecurityManager Security manager for the sc_ic_section table.
sc_ic_CategoryRequest Wrapper for the category request table.
sc_ic_ApprovalDefnStagingAJAX Helper function which can be called from client scripts.
sc_ic_QuestionChoiceSecurityManager Security manager for the sc_ic_question_choice table.
sc_ic_ApprovalDefnStagingSecurityManager Security manager for staged approval definitions.
sc_ic_TaskAssignDefnStaging Wrapper class for sc_ic_task_type_definition_staging.
sc_ic_TaskDefnStaging Wrapper class for staged task definitions.
sc_ic_Question Wrapper class for item designer questions. Subclass to modify and inject using sc_ic_Factory. See sc_ic_Factory for more information.
sc_ic_SectionAJAX Service dealing with sections that can be called from client scripts.
sc_ic_CatalogTask Wrapper class for sc_task for item designer functionality.
sc_ic_CatalogItem Wrapper class for sc_cat_item for the item designer.
sc_ic_QuestionChoice Wrapper class for question choices (sc_ic_question_choice).
sc_ic_CatalogItemVariable Wrapper for catalog item variables.
sc_ic_ApprovalDefnStaging Wrapper for that approval definition staging table.
sc_ic_ReqItemApprovalDefn Wrapper for requested item approval definitions.
sc_ic_Item Subclasses, injected using sc_ic_Factory. For more information, see sc_ic_Factory.
sc_ic_CatalogItemVariableChoice Wrapper class for variable choices.
sc_ic_ReqItemTaskDefn Wrapper for requested item approval definitions.
sc_ic_ItemStagingSecurityManager Security manager for the sc_ic_item_staging table.
sc_ic_BaseTypeDefnStaging Base class for all type definition staging classes
sc_ic_Column Wrapper class for item designer question layout columns.
sc_ic_ApprovalTypeDefnStaging Wrapper class for staged approval type definitions.
sc_ic_CatalogItemRecordProducerService Wrapper class for sc_cat_item_producer_service for the item designer.
sc_ic_QuestionAJAX Service for item designer questions that can be called from the client.
sc_ic_QuestionType Wrapper class for item designer question types.Subclass to modify and inject using sc_ic_Factory. See sc_ic_Factory for more information.
sc_ic_TaskDefnStagingAJAX Service for staged task definitions that can be called from client scripts.
sc_ic_RequestedItem Item creator wrapper class for the sc_req_item table.
sc_ic_ApprovalTypeDefn Wrapper class for the approval type definition table.
sc_ic_TaskAssignDefn Wrapper class for task assignment definitions.
sc_ic_TaskDefn Wrapper class for task definitions.
sc_ic_SecurityManager Base security manager class for the item designer tables.
sc_ic_BaseFactory Base factory class. All customizations should be made in the sc_ic_Factory class. See sc_ic_Factory for more information on how to mount customizations.
sc_ic_ApprovalDefn Wrapper for approval definitions.
sc_ic_getCategoriesForModule Class that gets categories.