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A reference variable includes a Pricing implications field.

If this field is selected and there is a price, u_price, recurring_price or u_recurring_price field on the referenced table, the value of that field is used to modify the cost of the item being ordered when a reference value is selected.

For example, suppose that computers in Phoenix cost $100 more than the ordering price and computers in Boise cost $100 less than ordering price.

  1. Set up a reference variable to the Location [cmn_location] table.
  2. Put a u_price field on the Location table.
  3. Set that field to 100 for the Phoenix location.
  4. Set that field to -100 for the Boise location.

When ordering a computer, if Phoenix is selected as the location for this variable, the ordering price is increased by $100. If Boise is selected, the ordering price is decreased by 100.

Note: List collectors operate the same as a reference variable, but use the List table field to specify the table being referenced. Since it is a list collector variable; multiple selections can be made that all modify the ordering price or recurring price..