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Apply conditions to tasks

Apply conditions to tasks

Administrators and catalog administrators can define conditions under which a particular execution plan task runs, or is skipped, when the relevant item is requested.

For example, an execution plan may contain the following tasks:
  1. Order hardware
  2. Receive hardware
  3. Configure hardware
  4. Deliver hardware
However, when an item is requested, if the hardware in question is already on site, it does not need to be ordered and so the first task in the list can be skipped.
Note: Skipped task records are still created, but are marked as skipped, and are not processed within the execution plan.

Conditional Tasks

To make an execution plan task conditional, defining the conditions under which the task runs.
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Execution Plans.
  2. Open an execution plan, and then open a task within that plan.
  3. Use the condition field to select the condition under which the task runs.

If no conditions are set, the task runs every time a user orders an item associated with this execution plan.

Here is an example of conditional task for an IT lab based in Atlanta:
Figure 1. Applying Conditions to Execution Plan Tasks

In this example, the Deliver to IT Labs step does not run if the request itself is in Atlanta; there is no need to deliver something to the IT lab if it is already there.