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Specify delivery information

Specify delivery information

When managing execution plans, catalog administrators can specify the delivery information to provide an estimated date of delivery based on the execution plan.

Use the Total delivery time field to specify an estimated delivery time for each task in your execution plan. This estimate is calculated based on the combined total of times for the tasks in that execution plan.

By default, time estimates do not use a "working days" calendar system, but are based on simple elapsed time. For example, for a 5-day execution plan, if you submit the request on a Friday, the delivery date is Wednesday of the following week (5 elapsed days later), even if your organization does not work weekends.

Use the On Calendar field to specify a calendar system to apply to the execution plan, to help estimate more accurate delivery times.

If using this calendar system for estimated delivery time, ensure that estimates are expressed in working hours and days. For example, a task which is supposed to take 1 day on a 9-5 calendar is assumed to take 24 working hours, and so actually takes 3 working days.
Note: This calendar system is used to help provide delivery estimates only, and is not linked to any SLAs you might set on execution tasks.