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Service 360

Service 360 is an extension of Service Portfolio Management.

It enhances a user’s Service Portfolio by rendering a powerful, consolidated visualization—a single view shows business service performance across a customer’s entire organization for business processes such as Operation, Risk, Investment, and Finance.

As a reporting tool, Service 360 leverages Performance Analytics to provide an executive-centric approach to Service Portfolio Management by identifying which business services require focus and attention. Service 360 helps executives find answers to the following questions.
  • Are my services operational?
  • Are my services cost effective?
  • Are my services governed & secure?
The tool answers these questions through two reporting layers.
  1. A dynamic treemap that is a D3 rendering of all business services across an entire organization based on a score from a specific Category and an Indicator from the Category.
  2. A dashboard, which is a scorecard, that leverages Performance Analytics to render reports from key performance indicators to provide a true 360-degree view into a single Business Service.
Performance Analytics provides critical information about historic service performance (the past), shows real-time data about the process (the present), and forecasts service performance (the future) for customers. Using Service 360 and Performance Analytics together enhances the quality of an organization’s Service Portfolio by allowing executives and business service owners to quickly move from strategic to tactical by drilling down to specific records—all with just a few clicks.
Note: Service 360 is dependent on Performance Analytics for its reporting tools and capabilities. As such, Performance Analytics must be activated to use this product. See Performance Analytics for questions regarding terminology, process, and functionality.