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Create knowledge from an incident

Create knowledge from an incident

Incidents within ITIL processes often generate information that may be needed in the future.

Before you begin

Role required: itil

About this task

The instance can automatically submit relevant information to the knowledge management process when the incident is closed.


  1. Select the Knowledge check box in the Closure Information section.
  2. Resolve and close the incident.
    Closing the incident triggers the business rule Incident Create Knowledge. By default, the business rule creates a knowledge article in the Draft workflow state. The incident Short description becomes the article Short description. The incident Additional comments become the article Text.

    If the knowledge submission workflow is enabled, the incident Short description and Additional comments become a knowledge submission instead of an article. For more information, see Knowledge workflows.

    Following is an example of an incident being closed.

    Close an incident with the knowledge check box selected

    And this is the article that appears in the knowledge base.

    Resulting knowledge article