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CMDB baseline history

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CMDB baseline history

You can view the history of changes to a configuration item by checking the CMDB baseline.

If a baseline has been generated, any changes (planned or unplanned) are tracked within the system. Because one major cause of problems is improperly executed changes, being able to see the history of changes to a configuration item can help the problem management team track problems caused by improper changes.

To check the CMDB Baseline, view the CI's record and check the fields Baseline Differences and Scheduled Changes. You may need to configure the form to add these fields.

Figure 1. Problem baseline
View baseline differences

This information provides a window into the history of the configuration item. The changes are recorded, including the time of change and the person who recorded the change. In the example above, because the change in RAM is associated with a change request, it is possible to review the change and see what was planned and what was implemented.

Also in the example, the computer recorded both a planned and an unplanned change. System Administrator changed RAM according to CHG30002, changed the disk space, removed QuickTime, and associated the CI with CHG30002.