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Problem Management

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Problem Management

Problem Management helps to identify the cause of an error in the IT infrastructure that is usually reported as occurrences of related incidents.

Resolving a problem means fixing the error that will stop these incidents from occurring in the future. While Incident Management deals with fighting symptoms to incidents, Problem Management seeks to remove the causes of incidents permanently from the IT infrastructure. Problem resolution and elimination of root cause often calls for applying a change to the configuration item in the existing IT environment.

The ServiceNow platform supports the Problem Management process with capabilities to record problems, create knowledge from problems, request changes, assign to appropriate groups, escalate, and manage through to resolution and reporting. The platform provides out-of-box functionality to manage problems in accordance with the ITIL process.

Within the platform, problems are handled using the task record system. Each problem is generated as a task record through a variety of means, and is populated with the pertinent information. These tasks can be assigned to problem management team members to deal with the task as appropriate. After the problem is resolved, the problem task is closed.