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Task view page

Task view page

The ITSM guided setup task view page displays the configuration tasks, their descriptions, and their current statuses. It also provides controls for the operations on the configuration tasks – to start configuration, to mark completion, to skip, and to unlock.
Figure 1. ITSM Guided Setup task view page
Table 1. Category view page components
S. No. UI Component Description
1 Completion indicator Displays overall completion percentage of the configuration tasks in the selected category.
2 Category name Lists the configuration tasks in the category and displays their completion status. One of the following status icon is displayed for each task:
  • : Not started.
  • : Locked.
  • : Skipped.
  • : Complete.
3 Tasks Displays the task name and its brief description.

You can click Skip to skip the configuration task. If a task is skipped, its controls become unavailable.

If a task is locked, its controls are unavailable. You can click View plugins to unlock the task. For details, see Unlock a task.

4 Task controls Help perform the configuration tasks. The following controls are available:
  • Configure: Use this control to start a configuration task.
  • Mark as complete: Use this control to mark a configuration task as complete.

    You can mark a configuration task as complete after you complete the required configurations or beforehand if you want to accept the default configuration settings.

Note: For details on the components that are common between the task view page and the homepage, see Homepage.