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Use a template from a module

Use a template from a module

The following example demonstrates how to place the Bond Trade Access Denied template in a module in the Self-Service application, allowing end-users to directly file the incident with the template.

About this task

Note: Functionality described here requires the Admin role.

To use a template from a Module:


  1. Right-click the application Self-Service. and click Edit Application.
  2. Scroll to the Modules related list and click New.
  3. Populate the form as follows:
    • Title - Bond Trading Access Denied
    • Table - Incident
    • Order - 473. This order places the new module after Requested Items in the Self-Service application. Order can be found when looking at the Module related list on the Application form.
    • Link Type - New Record
    • Hint - File an incident about the Bond Trade application.
    • Image - /images/newpage.gif
    • Arguments - Trading Access Denied. This deploys the template in the new incident record.
  4. Click Submit.


The new Module should appear in the Self-Service application:

Figure 1. New Module in Self-Service Application


Figure 2. Incident Template